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About me

Hi, my name is Andrey Glazyrin and welcome to my smart blog! I’m graduate student, who likes to research the new approaches in developing the intelligence systems for training simulators, web projects and security.

The intelligence systems or artificial intelligence (AI) came from math methods like decision trees, linear or logistic regressions, support vector machine, Bayes approache,  and finally Neural Networks with different types and architectures. Academic discipline for researching the intelligence systems is named Machine Learning (ML). All these things are subject for my posts. 

I hope you fing the interest information abount ML. All complex ideas in the posted topics are described in simplest way with python code without a black box library because for understanding a clear idea it’s needed to develop your small project from scratch.

Topics are placed to tag groups such as ‘#regression’ or ‘#neuralnet’. If you want to find specific information, you can use the search box. There are many useful websites with same themes, but the smart blog presents step-by-step instructions for developing  of the important math methods in ML.

Why did I use python? This is obvious besause python has many tools for ML such as the visualization data (mathplotlib, seaborn), data analysis (numpy, scipy, scikit-learn) and many different and specific pakages for computer vision (opencv) or deeplearning(keras).

The syntax of python is very simple and easy for understanding of program logic and it may be converted in the pseudo code. For this reason, all mentioned algorithms are implemented on python. 

Therefore, if you want to get basic things about algorithm or approach in classifications or other task in ML, you can ignore code. I’ll be grateful for feedback and reviews. Are you ready? Say ‘Yes I’m ready!’

See you at my posts and have a nice day!